Do you remember yourself when you first could spell all the letters of alphabet? How did it feel like knowing all the letters? How does it feel counting all numbers to 10? 

Exciting and hard at the same time! These where first small steps which brought us closer to learning and education.

PIKU team has created a wooden letter and number puzzle. This puzzle a great self-learning game and will be an exciting tool for all curious children to get into close friends with world of letters and numbers in an engaging way.

How children can use the PIKU puzzle:

• place all the letters and numbers in the blank spaces. This is a good fine motor skills training for the fingers and will entertain for a longer time;

• try to put all the letters in in alphabetical order; and line up numbers - from largest to smallest;

• spell all the letters in alphabetical order to strengthen the knowledge of the alphabet;

• place a white page under the stencil plate and draw lines and color the empty areas;

• Play a word typing game. Using a piece of paper parents write a word and place it in front the child who should compose the same word from the letters of the puzzle. Dear parents, we invite you to come up with words that do not include repeating letters. It makes this task a little harder and also more interesting for parents as well.

When creating the Puzzle we thought about keeping letters and numbers in order so that they do not fall out and are always in place. Therefore we developed a base plate which also helps to store all letters and numbers.
We suggest that children from the age of 3 can work with our Puzzle.